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Goat Project 

Goats are an effective source of income in many rural parts of Haiti.  They provide milk, they are used for their meat and they can also be bred. 
Children of Hope Haiti's (COHH) Goat Project assists families by providing them with a goat.  This goat can be bred to produce numerous kids within a year which can then multiply into an entire herd.  Goats produce milk, meat and their manure can be used to fertilize a garden.  
This program has been successful in Haiti since goats can survive in harsh climates and produce a livelihood for many Haitians.  By providing families with a goat, COHH hopes that this will mitigate the effects of poverty in Haiti.  

In 2012, there were 22 goats that were donated.  Below are some of the pictures of women who benefited from this program.  
Buy a Goat

is all it takes to provide a family in rural Haiti with a goat.

If you're interested in buying a goat for a family in Haiti please contact Karen Goodyear at:
Send a cheque to:
Children of Hope Haiti
3275 Dolson Court  
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 4K5
 * please make your cheque payable to Children of Hope Haiti