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Phyllis Newby 
Phyllis Newby is a missionary working in Haiti.  Phyllis is Children of Hope Haiti's (COHH) Haitian coordinator. She oversees all projects currently running in Haiti. Karen Goodyear (Canadian coordinator) and Phyllis Newby have a strong partnership and work closely together to ensure the success of all projects running in Haiti.  
Jamaican born, Phyllis Newby, studied in Jamaica and the United States of America.  After studying Theology in Jamaica Phyllis traveled to Haiti.  While there she observed the suffering that many endured daily in the impoverished nation.  Before Phyllis returned to Haiti in 1972 she majored in Theology and English and minored in Sociology and History at Anderson College in Indiana.  Immediately after she graduated (July 17, 1972) she travelled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Forty years later, Phyllis continues to work in Haiti. Her discipline, dedication and perseverance is truly inspirational.  

Since 1993, Phyllis has overseen an orphanage in Saintard (approximately 50 km north of Port-au-Prince). There are over 60 children currently living in the Orphanage.  The children come from all over Haiti.  Many have been abadonded or have lost one or both parents.  Once old enough, Phyllis' goal is to encourage these children to pursue educational experiences that will assist their country and fellow citizens.  Also located on the compound of the orhanage is a hospital that Phyllis oversees.  Throughout the year, Phyllis runs workshops, conferences and seminars for community leaders.  
Phyllis has many responsibilities and commitments.  COHH is thankful for Phyllis' hard work and focus to bring young children in Haiti the opportunity to have access to an education and medical attention as needed.